Friday, September 16, 2016


The First time I saw a picture of a wall covered in black n white roses I was like omg I gotta have it but then when I saw and realized how many other better millions of choices there was, I kinda realized that I will never be able to chose just one

I would want something like early morning sunshine, 
I don't know what but It's something with morning sunlight that gives me life and good feelings! It's def my favorite time of the day! It's too bad I'm usually asleep then but if I had a good spot to watch it rise around my place, I wouldn't mind waking up early just for that. Which I did.. A while ago but unfortunately it's too many high houses blocking it.

Back to wall murals. If not a early morning feel id want the exact opposite which is this grung moody cloudy foggy "it's raining outside" feeling 

Which one would you want in your bedroom? 

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