Thursday, August 4, 2016


its not often i feel compelled to write about something like this because, who cares right? But I do need to say how thankful I am for this app Instacart  

They deliver groceries that you pick from several major stores around you and you can set the delivery to whatever time of whatever day you want! Earliest is within 2h 
I've been using it for several months and the past few times I had some small issues with my groceries I'd be sure to let em know -- and this is the reason I'm taking my time to write this, they are serously the best service I've ever dealt with! they immediately took care of it and without questions I got refunded. Even for my own misstatkes. For example  when I accidentally bought a huge watermelon bin for 20$ they took care of it and didn't even ask me to return the melon. 

I couldn't think of anything bad to say about this service, low delivery fee, to sometimes free! Plus most stores have the same as in store prices for groceries! 

You won't need to deal with Heavy stuff like water or dog/cat food, litter etc 
So yeah there's really no reason why you shouldn't use it :) 

I even got a link that will give you 10$ off your first order! And I know what your thinking now, that I did this whole thing to promote the link and make something out of it but I swear to god I actually just now remembered that l could use this and I'd be grateful if you did cuz it gives both of us 10 bucks :D 

Kick this link to use the deal!      

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