Thursday, July 28, 2016


Damn! What just happen really shows that some things really do happen for a reason

I was ordering groceries from usual place  instacart (LOVE this app!!!) and while I was getting cat food I felt like I maybe should get a pack of treats which I have never got for her before lol and I was going to get the Temptaion cat treats 
And on one of the packets was a sleepy cat so I thought maybe some of them has a calming effect you know like those cat calming Xanax ones lol

So I googled it (which I'm usually to lazy to do) and I fucking found this whole thread talking about these temptation treats, filled with people who explained how these treats had KILLED their cats!! 

Omg it's so horrible! They all thought they were spoiling their baby loves but they were killing them.. 

Thank god that I took the time to google it. Wouldn't want this face to die yet 

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