Friday, September 16, 2016


The First time I saw a picture of a wall covered in black n white roses I was like omg I gotta have it but then when I saw and realized how many other better millions of choices there was, I kinda realized that I will never be able to chose just one

I would want something like early morning sunshine, 
I don't know what but It's something with morning sunlight that gives me life and good feelings! It's def my favorite time of the day! It's too bad I'm usually asleep then but if I had a good spot to watch it rise around my place, I wouldn't mind waking up early just for that. Which I did.. A while ago but unfortunately it's too many high houses blocking it.

Back to wall murals. If not a early morning feel id want the exact opposite which is this grung moody cloudy foggy "it's raining outside" feeling 

Which one would you want in your bedroom? 

Thursday, August 4, 2016


its not often i feel compelled to write about something like this because, who cares right? But I do need to say how thankful I am for this app Instacart  

They deliver groceries that you pick from several major stores around you and you can set the delivery to whatever time of whatever day you want! Earliest is within 2h 
I've been using it for several months and the past few times I had some small issues with my groceries I'd be sure to let em know -- and this is the reason I'm taking my time to write this, they are serously the best service I've ever dealt with! they immediately took care of it and without questions I got refunded. Even for my own misstatkes. For example  when I accidentally bought a huge watermelon bin for 20$ they took care of it and didn't even ask me to return the melon. 

I couldn't think of anything bad to say about this service, low delivery fee, to sometimes free! Plus most stores have the same as in store prices for groceries! 

You won't need to deal with Heavy stuff like water or dog/cat food, litter etc 
So yeah there's really no reason why you shouldn't use it :) 

I even got a link that will give you 10$ off your first order! And I know what your thinking now, that I did this whole thing to promote the link and make something out of it but I swear to god I actually just now remembered that l could use this and I'd be grateful if you did cuz it gives both of us 10 bucks :D 

Kick this link to use the deal!      

Thursday, July 28, 2016


Hey imma start using this platform again! I figured it would be useful for myself as well, to use as memory board for all my ideas.  
I'm decorating and putting in new furniture in my room and I can't even tell you how long it's taking because everytime I think I am set on an idea then I see something new cool and I get q whole other idea! 

So I have to start all over plus adding things and chose which to keep and which to stay away from 

See what makes it so much more difficult besides my struggles with choosing (what's that "disorder" called again?! I def have it) 
... Is that I have MINIMALIST taste, but I want and love so many styles and things that I just wanna have it all! 
I want gold, silver, rose gold, ALL WHITE, black wall, colors, plants, wall mural, canopy, large headboard, built in nightstands, acrylic nightstands, bench as a nightstand... And that's what's going on in my head! But more on that later 

You'll probably and hopefully get as inspired as me when visiting this blog cuz I'll be posting pretty good stuff haha and it will help me think clear when I have  all my thoughts laid out like this! And I'll be uploading videos and shit lik that too ofc
I'm just waiting for my laptop to connect to the wifi there's something wrong 



Damn! What just happen really shows that some things really do happen for a reason

I was ordering groceries from usual place  instacart (LOVE this app!!!) and while I was getting cat food I felt like I maybe should get a pack of treats which I have never got for her before lol and I was going to get the Temptaion cat treats 
And on one of the packets was a sleepy cat so I thought maybe some of them has a calming effect you know like those cat calming Xanax ones lol

So I googled it (which I'm usually to lazy to do) and I fucking found this whole thread talking about these temptation treats, filled with people who explained how these treats had KILLED their cats!! 

Omg it's so horrible! They all thought they were spoiling their baby loves but they were killing them.. 

Thank god that I took the time to google it. Wouldn't want this face to die yet 

Thursday, January 14, 2016


OMFG I am actually batshit crazy! Like, I might not even know it myself fully

But I am so excited though FINALLY I feel  alive 
Creative, driven, hungry and sometimes even a little happy! Not to mention feeling proud over myself that I succeed to live like I want no matter what circumstances obviously 

I keep proving it over and over and I just can't deny it any longer! What I have managed to do and the changes I've made the last 6 months is just mind blowing if I think About it 

And oh yeah I almost forgot, the main reason I went on here just now (6am no sleep again) anyway so I just wanted to hype and reflect over what I did today totally uncalled and unplanned for! 
God, I have missed the real me! Got reminded today and it feels good. So good 

I will tell you all about what I did, later today and with pictures 
You know that feeling when you want to tell a story but you want only the perfect pictures to go with the news. 
So you rather wait and announce it until you have the perfect everything to go with it 

And then there's that other feeling that goes on and on sayin "what if" something will go wrong 
What if what if ... What if that voice/feeling just shut the fuck up and go on and try to lower someone else's vibration , why u tryna fuck with mine LOL
This insomnia must be psychic since it must have known last night that something was going to happen like it did today. Or why and where is this sleeplessness coming from? 
Does life actually manage to excite me that bad again :o well then it's a good thing because I have been dead inside for a while now

Imma try to stop watching YouTube videos and answering emails now and actually try to sleep 

See you in a few hours again