Thursday, December 24, 2015


Have you seen that they are now banning too thin models in France and they have to label all print as touch up. There's pretty serous consequences if the agencies break the law and this already exists in other countries… 

What do you think of this? Personally I think it's unnecessary and seriously, why can't some people just be "" too thin? 
I mean I just think it shows diversity and keeps the vision of the models as these unreal beautiful creatures we love to look at and be inspired by! 
For some it might be goals that they can never receive (they think) 
but for others it's just how their bodies are built and how they feel the most comfortable in their own skin and I love that heroin chick almost sick skinny look and I have always done! 
For me it's just another form of art that I don't they should just change because people might be upset about this and that.. they do it of course to promote prevent eating disorders but honestly they would not change drastically because of this because it will still be skinny ass models out there and fuck, just keep it the way it currently is. We all need something unreal to reach for , to be inspired and mesmerized by. 

I live for those beautiful bony bodies , they don't make me feel bad About myself, actually the opposite! They make me more energetic, excited and so inspired 
I'd cover my wall with art like this

Plus everyone knows that photoshopped work is photoshopped and those who don't will do eventually 

Sunday, December 13, 2015


I like how I was going to see my friend a few days ago just to hang out a bit but I ended up staying 4 days haha
3 sleepovers yay 

Its funny how you literally can become randomly annoyed with like anyone of your closest friends if you spend too much time with them, 24/7 no break!

I noticed that on the 3rd day lol 
Nothing major though. Also I have separation anxiety and sometimes I just can't get the mental energy to do something, simple stuff like driving home hah

I have become very fatigue, I literally learned that word just a month ago and it's still such a funny word to me! 
Just a little less funny to, be... 

Got a quick car wash on the way home ✨