Sunday, November 29, 2015


wore my crystals today.  I duno , I just felt like I could really need em today and, again, I duno! Buuut... a lot of blessings happened to me today and I just felt so incredible grateful just now and I think it's a good idea to always (or often) document what you're grateful for. So why not do it here? Hopefully I can remind you to do the same or bring out everything that you are grateful for as well :) 
In short; got my car, drove for the first time since the accident, got great deals and discountson a Lot of stuff, something happened that could have escalated into something real bad but didn't, I could have been towed but was left with a curtesy note as a warning this time (thankGOD) I accidentally got THE BEST food, so many helpful people, got an invitation to something I wished for, etc

And I didn't even know it was fullmoon so my crystals was cleansed without me even knowing it. In the moonlight 

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