Monday, November 2, 2015


Found this text I wrote in my notepad 

- we were hustlers like not the ones that stay at home talking about it like its some sort of accomplishment. I wouldn't call it that but something very close, we were vagabond hustlers coming back up from rock bottom which we both now have felt like someone is dying and that someone is your soul, over and over again until we unite just in the right time , time for love and peace slowly coming back crawling to the top which from where we stand seems like in infinite time range away but is closer than our beaten down eyes with a slowly burning fire that will reach its limit of sparkling shimmer which we will be dressed in. Wash of the dirt and shine again she screamed, ofc she's frustrated with the long wait because she apart from others never lost hope of us . Yes we are living the life of lost souls in a city which ocean is as big as all the empty matter of the mind 
I say let's keep on moving to the last chapter of misery my friend. 
Streets are my morning coffee
Money gets it for me 
Money is the green green lawn next to the place we will place our tired head downs and wonder , where the hell are we now?
Avoiding questions like "do we think this is the only way for us to live so why do it because you know that's wrong, we both do 
Realizing that this is what we chose , maybe we actually are as crazy as they think... 
If they're right I am wrong 
If that make sense coming from a twisted insane mind like yours. 
It's always been you behind this madness 
                     - Chloe Cole

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