Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Have you thought about rules.. probably. Did you know that you most likely enjoy having rules?
I came to think about it and how we all actually love to limit ourselves in so many ways and then follow the rules..
something simple as emojis, we are totally bummed that there was no unicorn emoji and got super excited when apple upgraded it and we were finally able to use it. we felt restricted and like the limited ways and forgot that we got infinite choices in life with absolutely no limitations

 we consciously make rules for ourselves just to have a frame to live in, or a box. stuck in the mindset of constant need. -need to go to work even though It makes me unhappy, because I need to get money for I so desperately need to survive.
so try thinking outside your box
when you need youre lacking and you will attract lack.

I say Unlearn everything you have been thought. from the constant need to prove your worthiness in school to the image of how your life is supposed to look like when your older and reach a certain age.

always ask yourself; does this make me happy? think about WHO said what about life and how it should be looking. its all about how it should be FEELING

feeling great and not harming anyone? youre doing exactly what you "should" according to none other than Yourself and thats ALL that matters , really

heres some pics from before and after I got 1ml juvaderm in my lips:


a few weeks After

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  1. You are beyond beautiful and smarter than most people
    You deserve nothing but happiness Chloe