Wednesday, October 14, 2015


It's been a while , many crazy stories could have been told but blogging is the last thing on a vagabonds mind haha 
Well now I have a permanent place finally and I can settle down, one less thing to worry about! 
I don't even know why I keep worrying and why I feel scared so much , I guess it's because I'm human..  Inside I know that it's only a waste of energy although It feels like I have more stuff to worry about than most people lol 

All is well. 

I guess I changed my frequencie major times once I left my other apartment and was in the lower area for a long time then truth struck me and I began watching bentinho massaro and voila! My life switched around almost instant!
I had some setbacks that made me doubt but I learned that it's just echoes of my previous thoughts and actions 

I have been in bed all day today, drama is
Very exhausting! 


  1. You always look absolutely amazing though! no matter what the circumstance

  2. Wish you the best of luck. You wrote about some levander creme that you used and recommended. Where can I find it?

    1. Yes I used the lavender essential oils from Young Living
      you can order it online then Apply directly into a open wound
      Also used for many other things :)

  3. hahahaha you can't walk

  4. What does it matter if she can or cant walk? She is still the same person. Dont be so childish. You dont need to even read her blog if you are not intressted in her life.

  5. Hey Chloe, sounds like you're going through some real tough times. Hope you come through it OK. Well done for having the courage to share your problems with others.