Tuesday, October 27, 2015


This happened a few nights ago;
I was going to sleep next to the window that was higher up towards the ceiling and the bed there was just as high as the window and I see some flickering in the corner off my eye outside the Window 

My brain starts imagining all these creepy things but I thought to myself that I was just imagining and scaring myself as usual. But the flickering keep going so I started staring at the window and then a fucking goddamn head pops up!!! 

My scream was like something I've never heard lol it even scared me! 
so that finally happened, I've always imagined seeinh something like that in the window while I'm looking haha 
It was a teenage kid sneaking around in the night I figured 

Gave me a mild heartattack đŸ˜Ș

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  1. That is pretty freaky. Might need some better curtains :)