Friday, July 10, 2015


So remember the watch that I won, I kept thinking to myself that I kinda regret choosing that particular one cuz Ive always wanted a rose gold clean looking watch. It fits me better than black and gold
today I got a mail from them sayin that the watch I was gna get was unfortunately out of stock so I could chose anyone else from their website! weird coincidence huh?

check me out power manifesting my rose gold watch that Ive always wanted ;)

Manifestation works only when you first,
set your intentions exactly on what you want
feel like you have it
let it go

there u go! 

and thats how it is with everything I have noticed, the difficult part for me is often the letting go part... and a little the receive part but im working on both..

 Started out the day with a massage and then drove to the beach and I got some sun, I get so restless just layin in the sun tho

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