Sunday, July 26, 2015


while Im here editing videos I have been drawn to a very interesting subject, it has literally shown up everywhere in the last few weeks.  Im realizing why I am drawn towards the "dark side" Everyone has one.    I see beauty in everything, in light and darkness in evil and in good.

to grow, we must come to terms with the shadow. not deny it, not resisting it because it doesnt matter. the shadow will come back -- stronger this time, because it had to grow stronger to break free of its repression.

As much as I recognize this inside me I realize how much of this has been twisted and processed to brainwash generations with religions. its either the dark side or the good side. they want you to choose.
Although they are not really giving you a choice. if you dont follow their belives then you are basically "worshiping Satan" that is - In most cases I must add.
you could say that there is no right or wrong at the same time there is right and wrong in everything

as long as you do not harm anyone its all good.

"But who prays for Satan? Who, in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?"

Saturday, July 25, 2015


Hola gorgeous!
I am so happy, nervous, excited a little scared but most of all I feel blessed in a way that is hard to explain
I keep making new videos so make sure to subscribe to my YoutubeChannel 

Ive learned that the key to happiness and success is to not care, to actually give zero fucks about peoples opinions and whatnot. Just fuck it. smile and keep focusing on yourself.
easy to say but thats how I am going to be from now on.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Ha, I just pulled out some of the stitches on my back myself, that they had forgot at the hospital after my surgery..

I've been watching a lot of Russel Brands new 'true news' and I mean I've always loved him and admired him but now I am stunned. I wish that everyone could get on his level. For example a therapist I went to the other day, he laughed out loud in my face when I said that I healing comes from within. He laughed and said "NO, it doesn't Chloe." 

I'm just shocked at his lack of intelligence and depth. Plants are more envolved than him 
So I figured I might as well talk to a palm tree and then maybe I wouldn't leave crying from being also offended. Because the palm tree wouldn't tell me that my feet are crocked. 

Yea He said that too lol. And they are really not at all actually 

Friday, July 10, 2015


So remember the watch that I won, I kept thinking to myself that I kinda regret choosing that particular one cuz Ive always wanted a rose gold clean looking watch. It fits me better than black and gold
today I got a mail from them sayin that the watch I was gna get was unfortunately out of stock so I could chose anyone else from their website! weird coincidence huh?

check me out power manifesting my rose gold watch that Ive always wanted ;)

Manifestation works only when you first,
set your intentions exactly on what you want
feel like you have it
let it go

there u go! 

and thats how it is with everything I have noticed, the difficult part for me is often the letting go part... and a little the receive part but im working on both..

 Started out the day with a massage and then drove to the beach and I got some sun, I get so restless just layin in the sun tho

Friday, July 3, 2015


Duality is the opposite of reality... meaning thus that it is the nightmare in wich people live or the dreamland in which people live...

~The word ive been searching for my whole life. its one of my favorite words~


Damn Im lucky! I won this awesome watch on IG, its the 3rd time this year that Ive won stuff there just random!

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Today I smile. I feel so empowered by this thick protecting shield made out of love. whatever happens              in the now is just beautiful.. I know I sound cheesy or like im on that sumthin' sumthin'.. but I am not
I have just found out this power inside me that I have been carrying around all my life but I have been to scared or depressed to use it.
I am on the right path to healing now nothing can stop me.

and thanks for that one who said Im a great actress btw  :) thats all I picked up from that  comment that were supposed to be negative
    getting complimented on my acting skills is really fucking awesome! cuz its just the greatest passion I have always had

For those who didnt know, I am obsessed with this Queen, Brooke Candy and this video I cant stop playing it, so beautiful it hurts. 

GAH love this bitch! and grimes , and lana, an.... I'll just make another post on all my inspiration creatures


also I finished a drawing I started a while ago, Its a great feeling to fulfill something you started. Like with life,