Monday, June 1, 2015


 I love making, filming, editing videos so much, Ive been cutting together a few clips from some old material that I have. There will be a few videos when Im done with me and Ricky, just like episodes/days from our time together which was extremely fun.

Some of the clips are already on my YouTube channel so please subscribe and give me some feedback :)

I miss the me I was with ussssssssssss!

Have you noticed that the people you like to hang out with the most are usually the ones that makes you feel the best about yourself or pull out that side/character of you that you love to be.                      And why are one always acting so incredible awkward when with the person they are in love with?
I used to wish that I could be the Chloe I was with a certain one when I was with 'that other one' as well but nah, only a few ppl on this planet brings out the best you according to you.
make sense I hope?
                    youre always going to be different around all people more or less. I prefer the last one. tho I admire people who can snap out and go into a different character when needed. Im one of those. yet they scare me a little cuz I know how theyre wired..

 Tip;   The better you make your friends feel around you, good looking etc the more they will want to be around you! So don't be cheap on the compliments but they must be real straight from the heart.

I for one am really easy going and open about everything and I will, and have never judged anyone! thats why I have so many friends ;) LOL
you can be and do whatever you want in front of me Im like the best friend on the planet if you can handle the truth right in your face, cuz im outspoken like that, never fake never lie. BUT remember, not everyone deserves to know the real you. Let em criticize who they think you are.

sum up;                               IM PRETTY GOOD COMPANY

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