Saturday, June 27, 2015


I am so open and honest I don't have any secrets only kept between me and myself, there's always someone that all secret have been told to as well..
That must be the reason why I felt so goddamn empty. I needed something inside something to protect something pure and untouched. My lack of that drove me to boredom hell where I searched for things to know that others didn't.  Collecting experiences that only I had endured.  Good or bad didnt matter but mostly bad. because the yearning for constant destruction.
Is this the road end of my life? Is this where I stop the crazy train. Pull over that car and get of my bicycle and sit in a endless field reflecting, re-thinking re-member and re-living my life in my head. Limbo.
 Like a need to sort out the mess I created Before it can end? Or start over? Or continue? I would wish for continue but there is a key to a door that I still haven't found. A key to the future happenings. 
Where is it ? will I find them? When stop looking? 
Am I just waiting to die

should swallow a bottle of pills like the last commenter said, fucking lying idiot. THE THING IS DOE,,,,,,,, I CANNOT DIE! CUNTFACEFUCKER. but feel free to try n kill me anyone, I rly wouldnt mind leaving this earth, Ive lived my life all the way to the motherfucking end.

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