Monday, May 11, 2015


Fucking mad today. started out with a panic attack but now Im just fucking angry. Angry at sweden for being retarded. Instead of doing this;

Christopher Reeve used DAILY electrical stimulation to build mass in his muscle groups, aqua therapy and treadmill training. these activities awakened dormant nerve pathways.
should have been given b vitamin shots and steroids in muscles as well but nahhhhh. these motherfuckers dont give a single fuck and have zero ambition to help people walk again. Lazy fucks do what is the most comfortable and simple for them.  This is just for you ppl defending them. stop it. they admit themselves that they have no knowledge when it comes to sc injuries.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAnyway. I have been preparing a bit for a shoot I have on thursday, face mask, hair removal from Philips and other stuff. mostly cuz im bored .. and oh some painting/drawing. I am out of ideas of what to draw so if you have any suggestion then id love to hear it

Love the smell of the D&G perfume and body lotion called 'Dolce'

made this one a while ago when I was on the phone with Debbie


  1. Can't say Im an expert in hair removal, but if you have some time check this out and maybe you can get some inspiration, cool contemporary stuff.

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    1. Alright. If we remove all the religious bullshit from the story it's pretty good. /Robert

  4. I absolutely agree with you, what I meant with publishing the link is that there is no reason to give up.
    I believe there´s still hope for Chloe to be able to walk. Believe in the body's ability to heal itself.
    Find good spirit among friends and family. Find a hobby, she´s obviously a talented artist.