Saturday, April 25, 2015


As I look forward to the future I enjoy looking back on my life, I put together this, some clips of me from various stuff and also a little rap by me in the beginning lol.
love YOself!

I began to laugh yesterday when a memory popped up in my head... remember the guy that were abusing me for months? well one day when he was driving with me back to his place telling me how he was gna kill me once we got in the house (this was by the end when I finally escaped his prison)

anyway this time I just snapped, I guess Id had enough of him beating me.. so I literally opened the door while he was driving, jumped out and started running and when he drove after me i stopped and so did he,

THEN I just ran like a maniac towards his car and then up on the hood and totally smashed his whole front window, stomped as hard as I possible could with my feet til it was destroyed!  then I jumped down and ran for my life while laughing to myself when I saw the people that stood there watching with their jaw dropped to the ground.
         I totally Kicked Spidermans ass!

HAHA I love that I have "wrecked a car with my body" on my resume, CHECK! Lol

it felt so good, like when the villain in movies gets killed or something. he deserved it very well.


  1. Underbar video, du verkar var så himla stark! Kände du Dani Karlsson när du bodde i LA, ni påminner verkligen om varandra både i sättet och utseende (du är finare dock). Älskar när du uppdaterar och följer din resa till att böra gå igen. Stor Kram från Anya

    1. gud vilken komplimang :D tack sa jattemycket fina du! nej vi kanner inte varandra men jag har traffat henne i Malmo en gang, hon holl min hand nar jag gjorde lapparna forsta gangen haha! kollade din blogg nyss, alskar den :D