Friday, April 17, 2015


I am getting more offers than ever, modeling acting, travel, trips and god it kills me, having to say that im not available right now. because I suffer from this damn injury still.  (SCI)  

(ALL tips and help is appreciated to speed up my recovery! like surgeries, Treatments, doctors, alternative methods. anything really)

I will not worry because I know that I am right where Im supposed to be and time is not relevant.. It will all be okay. everything is coming together and there is no reason for me to worry or stress. Patience and simplicity. I am willing to let life love me

Just a little note to the ones that doesnt know me and my current reality and a note to myself :)
Im back in LA very soon. 



  2. You inspire me! Love you Chloe and cheering you on!

  3. Klart som fan att du kommer att gå snart igen. Du får se till att ligga i bara, ta reda på vilka doktorer som kan reparera din skada på bästa möjliga sätt.
    Ska till LA också snart, aldrig varit där förut : S

  4. If you need acupuncture, see LAsportsacupuncture (Jorga Houy) in Los Angeles.
    Wishing you all the best! ~ socal_happy

  5. What is your injury? You are world-class like a cross between Angelina and Giselle! It will all be there when you heal!

  6. Hej, läste din historia när den första gången kom ut i tidningen. Tänkte tipsa om en kvinna som har hjälp min häst en hel del men som även jobbar med människor :). Tänkte på dig när jag läste den här historien Thea heter hon som behandlar. Kanske det kan vara ngt?

  7. The cure is to never stop, never stand still, always keep you eyes on what you want to achieve. If you believe, you will achieve. You've got this! Much love Chloe.