Sunday, April 12, 2015


Oh my sweet, sweet heavily ass motherfuckin Lord! I am so sick and tired of DIS SHIET. I have been trying to search for TIPS for spinal cord injured people, like how to treat the crap and get better. But ALL I can find is how to take care of your "dear spinal cord injury"
People LOVE to TREAT their illnesses or injuries. Especially hospitals. :) thats why its called a Sjukhus in Swedish, a "SICKHOUSE" what genius came up with that name huh?

I would like to be the (apparently) first person to provide tips on how to get better, and to help your body on the road to success!
These are some small tips that I have found out trough people and such. I personally know 10 people who were all spinal cord injured and theyre all back on their feets, running jumping and what not. It took some of em, a month, a year, a year and a half, 5 years. Doesnt matter cuz I am just saying that its absolute not impossible.  Then theres ofc all the rest of the "famous" people who started walking again.

Bill Bartman who was paralyzed from the waist down.  Now Bill can walk like a normal person.  He used the power of the mind and  total faith and belief after doctors told him that he would never walk again.  He also became the 25th richest man in America as well. He tells his story of how he walked again in a book called "Billionaire Secrets to Success"

Every single one of them have been told by doctors that they will never walk, or regain any function. Everyone is different, like snowflakes we all heal differently and ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD. ALL IN YOUR HEAD  thats why were now able to get the HAL robot legs that lets a person with a complete injury, no movement or feeling walk and go up stairs etc. its connected with signals from the brain to the legs.

now, some simple tips (there is like a thousand more but they are a bit more complicated)
  • on the picture I have made circles where you can massage (to get oxygen to the spinal cord, which is what it needs) on the bone under the knee for example with two fingers. Above your big toe where you can feel the small bones underneath, massage it gently. and also upper thighs, in trough the fat on the bone. Your stomach will move so then you know its the right spot.
  • eat loads of vitamin C, find out where you can get the most out of it in the most potent natural form like dried "havtorn" berries.
  • drink something called MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) it helps the cells to breathe and its good for alot of things Google it. I buy it in stores with horse supplies instead of the health stores. Its cheaper and more pure actually!
  • drink natural cranberry juice, if youre not already. No sugar. No urinary tract infection.
  • Do not own your injury, dont talk about it more than necessary, do not listen to negative people. Visualize youself being completely back to normal, and feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel your legs like they used to be.
  • LOVE yourself! DUhhhhh 
  • always try to move toes, legs everything. it sends signals to the brain. 
  • lie on your stomach as much as you can to stretch out your hip
  • I know a way to learn how to pee without using catheter, its TMI to explain here tho. but if you need help.. well yeah 
  • Crystals and gems are magical. trust me. wear em, have them close to you.
  • stay away from pills that are not absolutely necessary. NO Lyrica pls. stand the nerve pains if you can and say NO to anything that will take away you reflexes or spasms. They are positive and you will need em. ;)  
  • UPDATE: Did you know that you can talk to your cells? they listen and they renew and regenerate themselves! You can also listen to these Binaural beats:

This is it. I am not goin to talk about this anymore because its making me sick. I just really wanted to help you out a little, do not lose hope and you do not have to accept anything or listen to what anyone says except yourself.



  1. Av ren nyfikenhet, vart i LA var det som olyckan skedde?

  2. Somehow you were in my facebook friend recommendations....sorry you have to deal with the the same boat...hang in there!!! :)