Saturday, April 11, 2015


Oh hi, woke up fucking early today from a sharp pain in my heart. Welcome to ReALiti ! Did my eyebrows yesterday, I think she made em too thin :( but they will grow out,.. miss my fav in LA always doing it perfect.
Msg me if u want her info btw!

I heard about a girl who fell from the same building as me but from the 7th floor, she died instantly. then I know about another one that fell from the same height as I and also died. I was right cuz I always thought that I felt alot of bad energy there. like living there was just really heavy and yellow lights.
great view but thats all. I get the creeps thinking about that place, there was never really any peace among us and I was always SO tired.

Wish No 2 , that I could go back in time and RE-DO everything. say yes yes yes to good shit. I have been told tho that I was NEVER lazy. just depressed. so thats a little comforting knowing right?
esp since ive been driving myself crazy because of all the great opportunities that I backed out on for no specific reason, just  being tired (depressed)

ah what silly fucking issues I had, compare to the ones I have now. Im not gonna address them and give em fucking energy but thats just that.

 Life is beautiful, really it is.. Full of beauty and allusions.
Life is Great. without it, you'd be Dead.


  1. Keep the spirit up!


  2. Everytime i feel my life is a shit I enter your blog and ... then I feel im blessed. I know, im a monster. Thank you Chloe, I think ur a big spirit ... im not joking. Gob bless you.

    1. this made me throw up when I read it the other day. I just got such strong reaction to it I have no idea why, I just hope that you feel blessed for the right reasons.. and I really want everyone to feel blessed but not because they compare to me and think my life is shit
      remember; We are all one

    2. Han är ett troll och om han inte skärper sig så får han Robert Aschberg efter sig snart.

    3. You had a strong reaction because you made someone feel blessed. That a good thing, its positive. Your life is shit ... by whose standards? There are no standards ... just live it, and make the others feel good .. and blessed.

  3. Hej! Har du koll på någon som är bra på bryn i Helsingborg annars? Har för mig att du bloggat om (för längesen) någon som var apgrym?

    Ha det bra!

    1. JA! jag minns inte vad salongen heter men den ligger pa kullagatan langst ner mot hamnen brevid den restaurangen som jag tyvarr inte heller minns... har forsokt soka men hittar inte :( hon hette Debbie iallafall och hon fargade, noppade och fargade fransarna ocksa for 199kr innan. men jag vet inte alls om hon ar kvar men ja, hon var riktigt bra

  4. I love you chole whatever happens you..i loving platonic if i can't reach you
    ❤..from turkey my name is orkun❤