Tuesday, March 31, 2015



Made this video today when I realized yesterday how funny it was that Im actually using an eyebrow pencil from Ralphs and 99 cent store makeup stuff. I am not doing my makeup this sloppy usually of course, its just a quick funny run trough, but yeah I am using the weirdest stuff and I need a make-up-update
I have been given 90% of all my makeup lol
I want tips on your favorite products!


So. beautiful.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


I won this hand painted n hand distressed shirt from Kid Richards a few days ago, but I kinda already knew that I would , I had this strong gut feeling you know. Love his photog skills!

I have some other news and things to show you later but I have been sick a few days now.. I am not feeling great.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


this hang drum is my new obsession, I love the soothing amazing sound it makes. I have never been one liking to play any instrument but id totally buy one of these! They go for as low as 200$ on ebay

♪ Listen ❤

Sunday, March 22, 2015


okay so heres the video I promised but I drifted away a little least to say haha, and yeah it turned out to be 30 minutes! even though I talk with the speed of light lol

Love C

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Hey Ill be doing a video blog where I am answering any question or responding to any opinion that you have and also talk a little about what ever comes to my mind. so feel free now to ask anything

Friday, March 20, 2015


So another newspaper contacted me, Kvallsposten and they wanted to hear my story as well. Theres a couple of stuff that I felt like I missed to say in the last interview so I hope it got said in this one. there will also be a film clip.
I think it went well

I would love if you could comment with some suggestions on what you would like me to write or blog about. I have a functioning camera again so Ill def do some blog videos but I would like to know what you would wanna see

Saturday, March 14, 2015


heres the link to my interview http://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/article20455874.ab
Hello everyone, you've found my blog :) I have received so many messages and emails, even letters from people all over that wants to help me and I am so overwhelmed with love and its going to take a while to respond and read it all.
Its making me super emotional and as soon as I read the first sentence in a mail the tears are running and im having trouble reading because of my water filled eyes haha :')

 I am the type of person who feel everything so very deep and lately it has increased, it can be too much to handle sometimes. like I mentioned in a post before its like -Love OD, so many of you touch my heart in a way you probably dont know
but if you read this I hope you understand how much it means when you beautiful strangers are offering to help me and take your time to do so...
We are all one and I realize theres so many who understand this, Ive met too many people that are asleep at hospitals the last year.., and god it made me feel so alone.
but now I know
there is so many people that are awake and Im more than grateful that you have reached out to me

Im sending all the love and light I possibly can to you

♥ ✴♥ ✴

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Can anyone understand the meaning of this text mind-twisting text I wrote down as notes in my phone a couple of days ago?;

Imagine finding my key chain or something like that.
You pick it up and take it home. You have no idea how much I miss it or what it means to me because all you see is the key chain. You dont see my face drenched in tears because I lost, to you, a worthless key chain.
just because you havent seen my ad or tears for the horrific loss of my chain
  it does not exist to you,
Its almost like the love for Wilson in cast away.
Thats how much I miss that, to you meaningless chain.
will it exist once you know my feelings for it, or will you still see just a key chain?

...............when you look at crap in a lost and found box, then literally think outside the box and try to see something else. feel something else.

maybe you will realize something about whatever that you didnt even knew existed


the interview with the newspaper and filming went good. I hope my main message will be clear and that it will lead to something good. if nothing else then at least justice. for all the shit ive got from the swedish hospitals and "rehabs"
heres some bts pics haha

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Today has been a really bad day... I realized "my reality" again and how much that I have to go trough still.
writing about it makes it easier to see whats wrong and how I can fix it. I can either chose to panic and see everything as impossible or to just know that it will work out somehow. It will be scary and uncomfortable but then also it can be simple and easy, everything will unfold itself.
the worst part that I cant deny is that I DO need help from other people, I am used to not having any need of someone else but myself and now I am not even able to take my own body around.

for example; I used to hate walking on the little asphalted roads around the grass cuz i felt like a sheep just following others footsteps so walked on the grass instead, taking shortcuts, making my own ways. Now im almost forced to go on the roads people have built for us and I hate it.

People are unfortunately almost always huge disappointments and they flake and flake until you are too tired to even care anymore. so who am i supposed to rely on when I cant even rely on my own body anymore..  there really is such a thing as "being too nice" I didnt know until now... people take it as a weakness or they still treat you like the devil. so please someone tell me where does the line go?
There is nothing sure about my future and of course that is scary. but I cant stay where I am, I am not happy here, no help will come from this place.

             Tomorrow will be a better day and I will see things more clear, I have to go up really early because a news reporter with a film and photo team is going to interview me for their magazine and do a short video interview for their webb tv as well
YAY! I have so much to say! finally :D
wearing cashmere hair bev hills


This is the same length and thickness of the extensions
I just want to let you know that Im selling stuff on Cityboard.se and its swedish but I can be contacted here or on mail if some of my international readers are intrested in High Quality Clip in hair extensions, Gamecube games and other stuff. Check it out im shipping worldwide :)
heres my account:


me without extensions, my hair has been growing! but very very slow :/