Monday, February 16, 2015


I want to talk about schools and how fucked up they are. I dropped out in 12th grade thank god because frankly, its just a waste of time and bad programming. Most of the stuff they teach you is shit that you have absolutely no use for in real life anyway. There is always people getting bullied and scarred for life and its not until later in life that the person who was bullied understand what was really going on, like the person who attacked them was actually mentally retarded, ugly, raped or hit daily by parents at home or just having really low self esteem and in need of love.

They dont teach you confidence, to beleive in magic or to question everything they read or hear. they teach you the complete opposite, that everything you read is true and everything the teacher says is true.
They say youre, lazy, unintelligent or bad if you are not doing well on a test or your homework.
They lie to you sayin that you wont go or become anything in life if you fail a test.
You are plain stupid if you dont know what hitlers mom had for breakfast on Sundays or what time the clock was invented..(LOL)
 They distract you everyday with homework, creating anxiety to perform, grading, judging you and leave no time to explore and live life on your own.

School is Prison. The food is horrible and youre locked up getting lectured with strict times you must follow everyday.

                Okay so of course this does not mean all schools and Im mostly referring to the lower grades when you first start and also all the way to 13th grade. Plus im talking about my own experiences.
I was bullied from 2rd something grade up til 5th for being short, shy etc.. I became so affected by the bullying that I stopped talking almost completely in class in front of people (of course I talked to my friends and all that) but I though something was wrong with me so I then got picked on for not talking as well in 5th to 9th grade.
In 10th grade I got my first boyfriend and people were "mean" calling us barbie and ken lol and said "that they got a rash from blonde people" everytime I was near or in the same room as them HAHA
THAT was pure jealousy and guess what.. today they all platina blonde. sigh...

Tho, I do get upset when I think about how many years they ruined for me, treating me like that and making me believe that it was something wrong with me. and the teachers who just stood there watching it all happen.

I hope in the future, schools will be a lot different. teaching English early on in every country on the planet. and ofc other important subjects but also teaching LOVE, spirituality, the meaning of life, how much meaning everyone has and that we are all one.


  1. Let go of the past. Let the anger go.

  2. Calling somebody else fat won't make you any skinnier. Calling someone stupid doesn't make you any smarter. And ruining Regina George's life definitely didn't make me any happier. All you can do in life is try to solve the problem in front of you.