Sunday, February 22, 2015


I will now reveal a plan that I have had in my head for a while now, planning and thinking about everything. (Know when reading this,, I have never been more serious about anything, I am honestly doing this). I have always felt drawn to the water and always wanted to live there like a Mermaid and yall know I love Thailand and Bali (maybe somewhere with better and more still water) so here is my plan:

I will be the first (MAYBE THERE IS SOMEONE ELSE BUT I HAVENT SEEN ANYONE.. IF THERE IS SOMEONE ID LIKE TO KNOW WHO SO I CAN GET TIPS) person to live in the water and on the beach! Since my legs are not working as a humans right now like walking and stuff, I know that under water im like everyone else, I can get ahead like a normal person.
I thought I spend my days layin on a rock, or the beach in the sun warming up for the night and swimming around diving and spending most of my time under water. Exploring.

🐬    If i get cold? honestly will I? but then I will have a little shelter up on the beach that I can crawl up on and sleep in during rainy nights. otherwise ill just sleep wherever i feel comfortable.

🐬    Food, water? I will have someone that brings me food n coconut water on a regular basis and stuff that I need.

🐬    I want to be on a quiet lonely beautiful beach with almost no tourists.

🐬    I will have a mermaid bottom maid for me to keep me warm and swim easier. (that I will put on whenever I feel like it, not always on of course)

🐬    Hair situation, my hair will be very destroyed from the salt water and constant sun i can imagine but I will have a miracle hair product fix that ;)

 🐬    I will have a floating home in the water also, that will be attached to something so it doesnt float away.

🐬    I will need a strong travel companion man that can carry me to the beach, anyone whos up for that email me. anyone else who wants to come as well

 if theres anything else that someone can think of that Id need feel free to tell me, and admit it, its not impossible living like this :D I just have nothing to loose, only gain. I will have time to find myself and see things that no one else has. I am not someone that will live my life crippled and sitting down looking up on ppl who fulfill their dreams. I will walk. but until then... I cant think of a better life than this:


  1. Wow vilken skön idé. ..Blev extremt tagen av att läsa om dig i tidningen. Sen läste jag namnet chloe cole. . Damn det e ju du som jag chattat med littegrann .. du verkar vara en extremt tuff och kreativ själ. .du kommer att övervinna denna kamp. . Du e grym och kommer aTT sända dig kraft varje gång jag mediterar..mvh. .

  2. Kom på att mina ord här känns fattiga i sammanhanget..