Thursday, January 8, 2015


here, Ill tell you alittle about my new years eve and other stuff, I was having so much fun at my friends place and Kelly was there, havent seen her since i was at the hospital at Cedars all drugged out and all i can remember was that night we watched frozen together haha but she had been there almost everyday just like Matt.
I was first thinking of renting a hotel room and not let anyone in and just drink and be miserable but it turned out so much better haha

and as usual with us, when I saw her it was like we had never left each others side for one minute <3
laughed alot the whole night then in the middle of the night we had some issues with my freedom, i couldnt go where i wanted to bec i cant at the moment. So i felt like a piece of meat that people decide over and carry places I dont want to be.

what did i do when time turned 12,, hmm i was watching the fireworks and wishing, imaging changes in my life and I got a kiss from Kelly :)

look at the left corner.. creepo!


whats with the nose shit lol

side positive note; Yesterday when I woke up i stretched my whole body and i looked down and the legs and feed did so as well. then relaxed and went back down when i did.
so i did a fake stretch to see if they would do it again but no. haha so it was real, my whole body was synchronized and I had a great stretch :)
 I love my legs and feets

BTW: my hair in the pics I just got ordered from Cashmere Hair , Beverly hills.
I am going to get some better pictures of it and well, make a whole post about it cuz its amazing and ill be featured on their site

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