Friday, January 9, 2015


please take a moment and watch/listen to this message. You can learn alot about yourself and your surroundings.
this is why I dont watch the news, I try to stay away from all negative energy

please discuss this with me in the comment field, what did you get from hearing this?, I have questions that I need answer to, Drugs and alcohol are not something that I go without and I wonder why do I still use it even though I know that its feeding of my life energy? I might not love myself, and im just a kid playing around and im unable to make choices at the moment

Ive noticed lately that focusing on love, to give love to other people (its easier than to give to yourself) has shown every sign that im on the right path and moving at a high vibration.


  1. Cause when u use drugs and alcohol u get high. Everytime u use it u get more tolarant of it and then u have to take more to get high. It all depends on what drugs you have taken. And alcohol is really dangerous.

  2. I agree with you... I think its just addiction that gets the best of us. Despite our higher selves saying its not fulfilling to do these things...