Sunday, December 28, 2014


 Going to Stockholm tomorrow for another treatment. keep your fingers crossed because Im kinda loosing all hope here... I really dont look forward to this trip again but I need to try everything there is and Im going to make the best out of it, try at least.

I took a look around me yesterday and I realized wtf is this reality that ive accepted?! I have lost myself completely thinking ive got no power over the situation but fuck yes I DO.

then later on I was in my bed, I got told by one of the nurses to try to take off my own pants cuz they were busy or something and right when I got the pants off I fell backwards and my left arm fell to the ground and I could feel my whole body slipping towards the floor (my bed was really high up so It was like I was making a hand stand) and I was so scared that id fall right on top of my head. I screamed for my life for 5 minutes but no one came. then my other arm fell down so i was practically upside down with my legs on the bed and I kept on fucking screaming for like 5 more mins. and then I felt my whole body just slipping down and BAAM!, my already damaged hip and ribs landed on the floor. (Same side as I fell on from the roof)
I lost my breath from the landing and i just laid there until someone came and then the rest of the nurses came in LAUGHING. (!!) then some ugly fuck told me to not roll around like a fool in my bed and fall on the floor. Even though i told her that it was only because the other nurse told me to try to take my own pants off and then she said that I just made that up.

I am chocked at how most of the personal treats me here at Orup hospital and I have no idea what Im still doing here
Im in so much pain mentally and physically and it doesnt get better. I got told this was the best REHAB and now all the sudden they call it a hospital and its nothing like a rehab. they have no ambitions to get people walking.

they call it miracles when people with spinal cord injury starts walking and ITS NO MIRACLE ITS HOW THE BODY WORKS AND ALSO BECAUSE OF PROPER TRAINING AND TREATMENS/SURGERIES.

this was another really negative post but I gotta tell u the truth of whats going on and theres no positive way to say it.


  1. Ignore everything and focus on getting your boobs well.

  2. Ugly fuck? Girl you are full of shit.Remember something, when you are on the US parting and for sure doing drugs you are not paying taxes in Sweden, now you are here having free medicare (should have invested in a good health insurance in the US dear) and never stop complaining. Maybe the ugly fuck is ugly in the outside but it looks like you are on the inside.

  3. Usch vad hjälplös du måste känt dig där :/
    Försök att inte bli arg. Det är vad det är...