Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Im sitting here like an idiot crying to this song I posted a while ago but I still love it
and tomorrow is new years, all I want is to be alone but I cant get up the stairs at my moms place and I would feel terribly claustrophobic to not be able to run down and back. to be stuck up there... so i might take just get a hotel room and sleep trough the new year. I dont wanna see anyones face. im so sick of this life theres no words. 
I had a dream about a gorgeous guy that invited me home and he told me that liked me.. I said "but  im handicapped,,? dont you mind? and he hadnt even noticed. (maybe cuz I was walking in the dream lol)

it was a great dream. I miss my life, if I was in LA id have my car and everything and no one of my friends would let me take into a hotel because they would invite me to them.
so here I go again, I hate sweden and I hate the people here and I cant escape.


  1. Do you hate devotees Chloe?

  2. Replies
    1. Are you Chloe?

    2. no this is chloe , what is devotees

    3. People who are attracted to people with disabilities. Would not have taken too long until you found out about us. I can really understand if you find this weird or even downright disgusting. But I did not wish to be like this, just as you you did not wish to become disabled. I am truly sorry it happened and I can honestly tell you that you are still sexy and beautiful.

  3. it seems to me that there ' s already a man close to you that fulfills the dream.

  4. no man can fullfill my dream right now. but they can be amazing friends <3