Sunday, December 7, 2014


Remember when I shared with you the awesome and fun app Piccing? well they have now improved their website, making it possible for you to do the same thing that you do on your phone, which is that
  • You can still upload and share images from your mobile, tablet or computer’s library and directly from websites. You’ll just need to drag & drop the new ‘Share it on Piccing’ bookmark to your bookmarks bar.
  • When uploading an image from a website the green plus icon has now been replaced with pink heart icon. Because who doesn’t need a little extra love in their life?
  • You can picc items you love within these images. Once an image has been uploaded to your profile, by clicking on the green ‘picc it’ button you can select up to 5 items you want within an image.
  • You can find similar items and see exactly where to get them. Once you’ve provided a description, suitable category and color of an item —a selection of similar items will be displayed in a pop up menu.
  • You can click through to a direct link to purchase items. Once you’ve selected the item you would like to purchase you’ll be redirected where to buy that item.

I think its great to be be able to access all this even when your not on your phone and it makes it easier if your on you laptop to picc and click :D personally I think its easier to do the whole purchasing bit from my computer and to use my phone to browse for looks and items that I love!

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