Thursday, December 18, 2014


it happens to me alot that I totally Forget that have this spinal cord injury for a sec and yesterday I  saw this commercial " WINGS FOR LIFE , WORLD RUN, RUN FOR THOSE WHO CANT!" and I immediately thought to myself "fuck yea Ill run for that cause!!" then I realized im one of those they run for.... LOL
cool tho, may 3. hmm Ill be walking n running by then anyway so I might sign up haha

"Millions of people with spinal cord injuries share a single dream. Through taking part in the Wings for Life World Run you can help us to make this dream a reality. "

btw it really looks like ive had my lips done recently but it was more than a year ago! how could this be? does God just really love me?! like omg! hahahaha

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