Saturday, December 20, 2014


Ricky said something to me today that really make sense to me when talking about being re born and come back to this earth:

Ricky: all energy has a guaranteed return policy in which all that is given is received , even in future incarnations.

Me: Omg so in my next life im Gna have a great life since I'm so nice in this one
Ricky: Maybe thus is your last one and your completing all the final requirement of earth school

and YES I believe thats the way it is, Im done with this earth stuff and this period of pain and misery is my last FINAL test and then ill graduate from this school like I did with non of my other damn schools haha. Ive had a beautiful life.. I am gonna keep saying that since I realize it more and more each day. How much fun ive had.. and thats what life is about Having Fun 
so good ur reading my blog now cuz I know ur having FUN since im so damn funny! heres some weird throwback video


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  1. Lmao I love your videos! Keep em coming