Friday, November 14, 2014


   Some nights ago I had the realest dream ever, I was walking with my friends and we were going somewhere and I just suddenly realized as we were walking that I was once paralyzed and I said  "Omg, for a second I forgot that period when I couldnt walk, run or dance. U know, when I was paralyzed? shit that was such a fucked up time I dont understand how I got trough it! But thank god I did and now im back to normal :) hahah"

I felt so relived that I was back to normal again and then I woke up I still thought it was true for a few mins, til I realized it was just a fucking dream. I Hate that feeling of realizing it. I forget quite often actually but it only takes a second til I realize it again...

I think that we live in 2 realities, this world and then the dream world. when you wake up from dreams, you actually fall asleep and wake up in this world. yea like Avatar. Debbie had a dream about me last night aswell, I was dancing and laughing at her wedding. Kelly dreams of me almost every night aswell. Even strangers mail me and tell me they have had dreams of me walking.


  1. Hey Chloe , this must be really really hard, i know. But if your T6 complete ( Asia A) then the reality even how fuck up it might be is that your not going to walk again. Stem cells don't work (not yet any way) , i would not spend a singel $ on it now. Projeck walk and all them other places might be good in a way , but i'm yet to see a complete walk out of there. Hope you learn to enjoy your new life, so many things you still can do !! Stay strong :)

    1. Im not going to do stem cells and not going to project walk either. So fuck you bye I hope you all the bad things in the world leave my blog