Monday, November 24, 2014


Longer hair anyone?

 Then Im your gal! Just letting you know that I am selling barely used Game Cube games complete with manual and all. flawless
  • Resident evil 4
  • Zelda The Wind Waker (limited edition 2 game bonus disc)
  • Harvest Moon a wonderful life
  • Metroid Prime
I am also selling High Quality clip on extensions full set, (human hair of course) some are bought in "the Hair Shop" on whilshire. Where the Kardashians get theirs (if that makes it more valuable to know for you ^.^)

Ive got many different colors n shades,  most are the longest you could get and a few a bit shorter.
  • Dark auburn (kastanj fargad) 
  •  medium auburn (lite ljusare rodare toner) 
  • Brown
  • Blonde, honey kinda looking with darker tones, very natural looking. I Love that exact shade.
Email me on for pictures, info, prices or just if youre wondering something else, or are looking for something else. I am selling a lot of nice stuff like jackets that has never been worn and I cant wear em anymore since the wheelchair is in the way.
 It can be sent or picked/dropped off if its in Sweden somewhere near me in the south, plus im going to be in Stockholm alot starting next week

I just saw that I got pics of this so Im putting it up here, wireless Brookstone bluetooth keyboard for ipads
and JBL speaker

Great! I hope yall had a fun day, keep smiling :)

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  1. How much are all this and if you got prices win pics and a link I can post it on Instagram and facebookand can help you out