Saturday, November 29, 2014


earrings; NastyGal
Met a false friend
On a lonely, dusty road
Lost my heart
When I found it
It had turned to dead, black coal
Silver majik ships, you carry
Jumpers, coke, sweet MaryJane
You're the answer
That makes my questions disappear


yall know im a huge fan of crystals right? Huge! and yesterday I focking won this lovely necklace from @tothesea_jewelry giveaway

Coz im worth it ;)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


my b-day is coming up and all I wish for is to get feeling n movement back in my body, some alocohol, hugs, drugs (all kinds) . hmm... and oh happiness and smiles for the rest of my life. may it end soon. or start? who knows 


Monday, November 24, 2014


Longer hair anyone?

 Then Im your gal! Just letting you know that I am selling barely used Game Cube games complete with manual and all. flawless
  • Resident evil 4
  • Zelda The Wind Waker (limited edition 2 game bonus disc)
  • Harvest Moon a wonderful life
  • Metroid Prime
I am also selling High Quality clip on extensions full set, (human hair of course) some are bought in "the Hair Shop" on whilshire. Where the Kardashians get theirs (if that makes it more valuable to know for you ^.^)

Ive got many different colors n shades,  most are the longest you could get and a few a bit shorter.
  • Dark auburn (kastanj fargad) 
  •  medium auburn (lite ljusare rodare toner) 
  • Brown
  • Blonde, honey kinda looking with darker tones, very natural looking. I Love that exact shade.
Email me on for pictures, info, prices or just if youre wondering something else, or are looking for something else. I am selling a lot of nice stuff like jackets that has never been worn and I cant wear em anymore since the wheelchair is in the way.
 It can be sent or picked/dropped off if its in Sweden somewhere near me in the south, plus im going to be in Stockholm alot starting next week

I just saw that I got pics of this so Im putting it up here, wireless Brookstone bluetooth keyboard for ipads
and JBL speaker

Great! I hope yall had a fun day, keep smiling :)


@Blackaller music vid in progress

I remember once upon a time in 11 grade, the teacher had a yellow can with a black werewolf on. It was an energy drink and she told us that they had put high radiation laser thing trough it so we were going to experiment with it but she warned us that it was very dangerous to deal with it and if you drank it, it was dangerous and your skin-tone could turn greenish. I didnt care what she said plus I was tired so I took the can and drank it when no one saw. The teacher became very worried when she saw it was gone and she said "I really hope no one of you drank it cuz its not good at all..." I got a little worried for a sec but then I just carried on living my life and maybe,

that drink made me undeadly. and thats why I cant die, my heart must be strong as a mofo after all that Ive done to myself


Saturday we went to Lund to Hälsans Hus, I tried acupuncture for the first time, I thought it would be good to get my body goin ya know ;)

I got the fantastic treatment by Zhao Ming, which was the nicest ever and so good at her job. I love the way she sees the world. She has hope in people and know how the body really works and what its capable of with the right mindset, her treatment gave me new hope and afterwards I got this weird emotions swings, I can only explain it like the body dealt and let go of tucked away hidden emotions and confusion from my accident. All this after just one treatment.

She is truly amazing, sweet and funny, I really recommend all my Swedish readers (and visitors) to go to her, whatever your need is or maybe just for some relaxation. Look at their webpage (linked in this post) and see all they have to offer :)

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Im supaahh happy about all the product I received from beconfiDent teeth whitening company and Ill show you the amazing results they'll give me. This is day one:


Omg, we were supposed to do a video where we tried my new teeth whitening products I got but THIS is what we got instead,  Hysterical!! The funniest part was when we got out of the bathroom and I was joking and saying "Ahh that was soo good right?" and 2 caretakers walks by. and Matthew carries out the chair he brought in LOL
then we all shared a awkward elevator time, I wish I could explain their face expressions.

heres the clip anyway,.. about "teeth whitening products" yeah.

Friday, November 14, 2014


   Some nights ago I had the realest dream ever, I was walking with my friends and we were going somewhere and I just suddenly realized as we were walking that I was once paralyzed and I said  "Omg, for a second I forgot that period when I couldnt walk, run or dance. U know, when I was paralyzed? shit that was such a fucked up time I dont understand how I got trough it! But thank god I did and now im back to normal :) hahah"

I felt so relived that I was back to normal again and then I woke up I still thought it was true for a few mins, til I realized it was just a fucking dream. I Hate that feeling of realizing it. I forget quite often actually but it only takes a second til I realize it again...

I think that we live in 2 realities, this world and then the dream world. when you wake up from dreams, you actually fall asleep and wake up in this world. yea like Avatar. Debbie had a dream about me last night aswell, I was dancing and laughing at her wedding. Kelly dreams of me almost every night aswell. Even strangers mail me and tell me they have had dreams of me walking.


for my Swedish readers

jag e sa javla rolig hha


I went horse riding yesterday. "riding" It felt weird and It would have been much better if i was just paralyzed from kinda the hip but since im paralyzed all the way from the waist it was difficult to stay up and I had to hold me up with my arms... felt like i was doing 80 something pushups.. then I almost fainted and had to go back laying in bed under my covers shaking for 2 hours. SO cold.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Im withdrawing and cold sweating all day and when I wake up Im literally soaked and Im not feeling to good about it, shaking all day long and the worst thing is the nurses here at orup hospital called me
 "Sweat Chloe, Sweat Chloe HAHAHAHAHA"
I wasnt laughing, I was actually crying and as they picked me up from bed they kept on laughing and calling me SWEAT CHLOE

I dont think thats very nice and they made me feel very sad. this is not a good, nor professional place for spinal cord damaged people. 


well imma explain this post for you that read the original. The doctor came in and told me that all the nurses and him had been in on my blog which actually is really personal for me! and my youtube acc, facebook and IG. they asked me to remove all pics and movies ive made here.
I feel mentally raped and really exposed. they are snooping around on their patients blog!! how fucking creepy isnt that?? I dont know what I can write or not anymore. Its bad cuz it felt good to have somewhere to vent and write out my personal thoughts...
so you fat hags n pervs, pls continue doing ur job, and stop looking trough all my shiiiet.

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Got this from ebay today, not feeling well.. its good wheelchair stuff. I dont like this kinda shoes normally but when ur paralyzed its impossible to get your feet into any pair. weather there is shoe laces or zip, I noticed that you need movement and to lirk your feets down in almost all shoes. its also good to be warm when you dont feel if your feet are cold or not plus no good blood circulation. something you dont think of when your not paralyzed. I love my life...-.-

jus some tips for ppl in my sitch

Friday, November 7, 2014


another stupid video good for nuthin' but good good luvin'
Ill get better quality stupid videos now since i finally have a new camera charger so nO more iphone vids! can I hear a YAAY or can i hear a WOOP WOOP?! I know ur all so excited, right!!?
ha ha ha

if you can comment alot of shit like u do cant u please comment on what vids I should do next? and u pervs dont even think of mentioning handicap pornos OKAY?!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014