Friday, October 17, 2014


My gym

Pool area

everyday chill in the sun

My old place was nice I really miss it

for a while I lived in a real shitty place in West LA, right after I was homeless..
 I cant beleive I used to live like this! *Crack palace*
haha what an upgrade I made tho!  I Love it, Ive had a fucking insane life and I regret nothing!:')
heart shaped My favorite things lol

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  1. I've got a bad feeling about all of this....................i am very sad for you right now - this is just not right in the bigger scheme of things- i hope you see the light and get the help you really need- surround yourself with the right people and also never be anything but honest with people but especially yourself- that is where real freedom and growth come from in life. We are not here long enough for any less- wishing you your health and peace in your life - to the future of us all - may you find the true path to real happiness and love - i am sure you deserve it as do we all - good luck in your life