Friday, October 24, 2014


Too tired to answer your comments, I cant believe how jealous some people can be that I received 1000$ for my fund.. its even less than I used to pay for a months rent and you cant just let me have that without calling me a liar n say I take ppls money and what not? Its just a couple of friends that have donated and im so grateful I don't even know what to say <3

stop caring so much about money! Its just paper. but im my case its an opportunity to walk again. I do not care for material things or money anymore all I want is to Live and walk and be happy.

I will give back to people when I have the opportunity, it gives me so much joy to give. Isnt it like that for all people?
Today I wont let me anexity out. Ill keep it in its cage and see the world trough heart shaped glasses

Love is so powerful and it can come around in any shape, taste or feeling ;)



  2. It's not about money. Is seems like some people think you are using drugs.

  3. Pathetic! No one is jealous of you're money. People are pissed at your lying and sob story

  4. why are you anonymous?! why? who are you to judge?! and who are YOU? at least be honest with that when writing negative shit about Chloe!!

    1. I already explained previously why I post anonymously. I don't need to do it again.