Sunday, October 19, 2014


what if I told you that being in a wheelchair doesnt automatically make u inspirational, strong or brave? :O

Lol. I keep getting messages from people that say im all those things, strong, brave and inspirational but why? its the first thing that ppl say to each other with the same injury as me.. like robots cuz they feel bad and honestly Im getting sick of hearing it cuz its not true, im not strong! wtf Im here crying all days and all I wanna do is to get high and die.
then I wont accept that im paralyzed. im living in the past and that can only be for a limited amount of time. I realized that a while ago hah
Im brave cuz I keep on living and going trough it all but what else can I do? I dont have much of a choice do I?
Also I dont feel like myself associating with others in the same situation, it makes me uncomfortable and very depressed. I wont accept living less of a life than I used to, why should I settle with this incredible fucked up life that killed all my dreams. Im not human anymore and im not an inspiration for others. Id tell them that it wont get easier and u cant live a normal life ever again. And if you do then you are just settling for less.
might aswell hang urself cuz there will be no more exciting traveling, no running in the sand at a beach in Bali, no climbing a small hill. not even hiking! surfing, fucking in a cheap motel somewhere in vegas, no, cuz u will most likely be alone for the rest of your "life".

           -You ppl with legs still working, you better get up and dance right NOW! and appreciate running errands in the rain while your favorite pair of shoes getting ruined. You better fucking love it.

I wont accept this that has happened to me.
 Im not that kind of person.


  1. Don't be a brat. Be thankful you're alive.

  2. And the police report is where exactly??

  3. You people that write mean comments every day should go and fuck yourself!, if you're not interesting in Chloe's best and the only reason you r reading her blog is to pick on her, should be ashamed and get the fuck out of here!

  4. Life is all about perspective and playing with the cards you're dealt. No doubt you've been dealt a shitty hand.

    However, you say that people who can walk should feel lucky, yet there are many people with diseases and full paralysis who would say you're the lucky one. Look at what you still have and go from there. Miraculously, your face was untouched. You have an amazing profile unlike many girls. As hard as it may be, just stay strong and positive. Work on yourself and surround yourself with the right people - good people.

    One last thing, easy with the drugs. lol They're probably not helping you as much as you might think.


  5. What goes around comes around : some bad karma being put out here. Money IS the root of all evil. I guess you think you know what you are doing but obviously a lot of people are not swallowing this whole 'accident' thing and then a sudden appeal for money..... questions just do not get answered and you and your 'supporters' are always on the defensive then of course the whole thing seems odd.....

    1. High five to whoever said this! That's exactly my point.

  6. talk about odd!!! Nasty and ANONYMOUS!!!

  7. love love love love love love love you Chloe..pray for you every day..only light exists, karma is for people living in karma...