Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Aloe and Andrews leg
This is LOVE

Today I was forced to go along and go bowling and it was so horrible! I cant help but feeling humiliated and I hate doing what I dont want to do. I always do whatever I want to do whenever i wanna do it and it has worked out fine for me almost all my life.
I have understood the power of kindness and how easy and fulfilling it is! why isnt everyone just nice to each other? I mean, it doesnt cost anything and it doesnt hurt anyone, actually the opposite.

be kind and help people.. even if you get treated like shit yourself and no one helps you. be helpful ANYWAY
like that poem by Mother Theresa, I love that poem cuz it reminds me of a special someone called Andrew..
Now I need to sleep, i feel awfully pleased with what I have accomplished today even tho I had to go trough the damn bowling session.. 


  1. That is seriously cute

  2. You should shave your leg and pussy :))

    1. i do shave my legs :) not my leg i the picture obviously
      naw id rather buy a sphynx than shaving my pussycat