Thursday, October 30, 2014


Sometimes, just sometimes when I get sad over my situation... when it becomes so really hard to deal with, I find myself to have the power to change my thinking to how small this world is and what this life really is? why do we take it so seriously? We all come from realms of unimaginable power and light and we will return to those realms.
So, why worry and dwell?
I beleive that before you are born you choose your life and what you want/need to learn from it so apparently I chose to go trough this incredibly though experience just because there is something that I needed to learn from it. OR maybe I was just curious to see how it is to really feel LIFE. If everything comes easy then whats the point? how can you grow, having all things going your way?

Im glad I chose this life because I have experienced soo much crazy,weird,rare and things I could never even tell you about. They are my precious memories that I keep inside me and they are so very strong and I feel them on the deepest level. so much it hurts.. I have found people from other lifetimes and that I am grateful for.
have you ever met a person that you just know that you already know? or a person who you love always no matter what. like a mother loves its child... (if shes not a crackhead lol juust kiddin)

I still wish that one day I get to sit at the beach with my soulmates and laugh at all this pain and terror. like it never happened and I am reunited with my people <3 it will happen I just know it. and I wont wait too long. I decide my future with my mind which is a galaxy open to everything and all that is and isnt.


  1. You should write a book I love how you write and how honest you are in all your posts

    1. How honest she is? That's hilarious. She's a huge liar that won't tell anyone the truth of how this happened. Some people are so blind and stupid.

      even if she did do in fact tried to take her life she did not chose to get paralyzed. I am sure all she wanted was to die anyway if she jumped from 13 storeys! who the hell do you think you are to come here and say that complete bullshit. I know for a fact that she tells her close friends everything and she doesn't need to tell you fucking coward shit.
      stop harassing her! SHE IS GOING TROUGH HELL ALREADY

    3. I'm not even going to reply to this because you make no sense at all. She should be grateful she's alive. Period!

    4. One more thing... I know she tells her close friends the truth. That's how I know in the first place. I'm not asking her to tell me shit so get your facts straight before you look even stupider than you sound.

  2. On the same idea, it is said that the high spirits choose a hard life ....

  3. Wait so this girl got paralyzed trying to kill herself?? And now she's stuck in the hell that is paraplegia? Well that's a big ole fuck you isn't it? I discovered Chloe on instagram. I was trying to find out her story.

    1. please explain what goes trough your mind when you write this? Its like im being bullied and it hurts so damn much. are you saying that Im being punished?
      Id really appreciate if you answer this because I cant understand how anyone can literally kick someone thats already laying on the ground unable to move.

  4. Girl I wasn't trying to bully you at all!!! I just can't imagine being so down on life that you want to kill yourself and then coming out of it paralyzed. It's terrible.

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