Friday, October 24, 2014


Hi Chloe, we don't know each other and I have NEVER reached out to someone I don't know but I feel led by my spirit too. I live in ------ and by some small chance I heard about you and you falling and getting hurt and I literally was about to do my first youth message on July 13th, when they said the 13 floor, all of it together just made me cry and I kept weeping not even knowing you or anything about you. I felt led to add you as a friend but had no clue what to say to you then last night I had a dream and in it you were walking again but slowly. You were still going through healing and pain but you were smiling in the dream the whole time and you had a new life about you as tho you had been healed from the inside out. I felt led to share that with you and tell you that your life is not over. I don't know if you have anyone who is encouraging you, praying for you, but I would like to offer my number to you and tell you to feel free to text me, call me. My number is--------. I pray today that God will keep surrounding people around you that will help lift you up. Encourage you and you have to keep fighting and ask yourself? I lived through an awful fall. Why? Why am I still here? What is my true, God given purpose in this life? These are deep questions that I think you should seek out and I believe as you do, you will find the answer and that answer will bring you joy and comfort. The girl I saw in my dream was not a sad girl but a girl who had new found hope;) Love & Blessings to you-----

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