Tuesday, September 30, 2014


My friends have helped me in starting a fund called "Help Chloe Walk". The following is the link to help donate to my cause. here 

It has taken me some time to finally be able to do this. It is so very difficult in self disclosing my most private experiences, thoughts, and feelings. But here it is... Here is my story. Until about six months ago, I was an active, passionate, vibrant, energetic woman, full of life and so excited about my future and what this beautiful life had to offer. I accidentally fell from atop of a 13 story building in Los Angeles, California. Obviously, I survived this horrific fall. 

Who would have imagined such a miracle? To survive? I'm still in awe. Still in shock. But, with my miracle, came pain. The pain and feeling of constant reoccurring hopelessness and fear of never being able to walk again, of never being able to live a normal life again, of never being the vibrant woman I was, again. Unfortunately, and although it's so difficult to accept, I am paralyzed from the waist down, with a T6 complete spinal cord injury. 

This means I cannot walk. I have lost my inability to go to the bathroom on my own. My reproductive system has been permanently damaged. I am not capable of ever having physical pleasure again. All of my daily routine activities have been compromised. I've been lying in bed the past six months, which have led to even more life threatening medical complications. My skin is breaking down to my bone because of bedsores that are not healing appropriately. I feel so much pain, both physically and mentally. It's so difficult accepting my circumstances. My life is no longer the same.

 I ask myself every day, will it ever be the same?? Why this happened? What have I done? Why me?? The experience is so surreal. I wake up everyday wondering if it is all a nightmare. But it's not. This in fact, is my reality. I broke 38 bones in total and my head was left without a scratch, which makes me believe that there is a reason why I have survived. I mean, what are the odds? There is a reason I am alive today. There is a reason to share my story with all of you. I believe I had to experience this to be able to instill hope in others. Hope that one can still accomplish their dreams if they do whatever it takes to get there. 

 This is why I am kindly asking for your help and support. There is an amazing rehab called Project Walk (http://youtu.be/Pr2728eO_KA) that specializes in working with individuals who have suffered from a spinal cord injury. Project Walk helps individuals in providing them with the most medically advanced approaches and tools in order provide them with the hope and advantage of ever walking again. However, this chance that I could ever have at being able to live a normal life again, is very costly. And this is why I am reaching out to you. Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you.


  1. what are you doing on 13 th floor?

  2. Miracle that you are alive. They should do scientific research of your fall.