Friday, September 26, 2014


I really want to go to this rehab thing called Project walk, its right outside LA and other places like San fran but id want to be at the one closest to La ofc :) thats my dream now I need to manifest like fuck


  1. Most people will feel your pain and want to help as this is so hard to deal with. With that said most won't help unless the know the truth and what really happened. Just asking for help and mentioned that you fell from a building won't be enough. what ever happened need to be told, it need to be captivating, get people attention so that people share it and more people read it and it keeps being read and people will donate. If you fell explain why, if you were thrown off explain and if you jump then then explain why, if you don't then you will get the same results not a bunch of $ will be donated. It's time to be honest with your self and with everyone that you are asking to help. This may seem cruel to so many but it will cause people to read and grab people attention! they say you are a great writer this is the time to shine.

  2. Everybody must have thé story

  3. Your must remember time before