Monday, September 29, 2014


I was reading your comments this morning when they woke me up at 5.45am and I honestly got really sad.. many of you seem to wonder what happened to me and as it says,,,,,,,,,,,, I fell! yes! fell. and after that I was in a coma for 3 days, I dont remember what happened. The sad thing is that you wont be happy with my answer but what can I do more than this??
You say I wont get any money on the "Help Chloe walk" fund. ok  thats very sweet of you to be honest but im trying to be positive and keep my fucking hope up that Ill ever walk again! You should really re-think your life

 Anyway. on Thursday imma go to a stable and cuddle with the horses and next time Ill get to ride. got me thinking.. maybe I should get a horse, it could be my legs!


  1. Don't think about was has been or what is going to happen. Focus your energy on recovering you strength. Only read and watch things that gives you energy. Don't let rude people drain you.

  2. Who the fuck write evil and mean comments like I saw some did. They should seriously re-consider their lifes..They are just spreading hate and negative energy out in the world.. how about being nice to people, huh? Especially when they are in hard situations and trials.. People still amaze wonder there is still evil in the world.

    But that being said, be strong Chloe, we all love you. Never give up and dont despair <3

    1. Where will the money go if you don't reach your goal?

    2. we set the goal really high of course but thats the optimal amount where everything described in the text is included. All the money I raise will still go to nothing else but rehab costs and or stem cell surgery, anything to help me get a normal life and walk again :)

  3. But in Sweden they have real good specially rehab