Tuesday, April 29, 2014


after 3 days fun away from home I decided to go back (before Aloe died of loneliness) before that i had a shoot in Pasadena and I met this girl Debbie, we talked and discovered that we had ALOT in common and that is just amazing
good friends are rare and dont come around often. Im talking about girlfriends.
we both get along better with guy/gay friends :)
Im going to watch some movies now and draw

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


This is behind the scenes from an upcoming rock music video. I think its hilarious

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Thinking about this "life quote":

“No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.”
― Regina Brett

starting to question it because is it really a wise thing to do? I guess in the long run it makes sense but I have always gone by "live in the moment and do whatever you feel like" I mean why would you force yourself to do something even if you feel bad? because it will make you happy?

On the other hand, should you always do whatever you feel like and not "show up" for example? will that make you happy? Not really, maybe in the exact moment but you may look back and regret it.

This really confuses me and my life choices.. should I start doing things that I dont feel like doing? maybe Ill be happier and have less anxiety OR will it give me more anxiety because Im forcing myself?

I know for a fact that Showing up and doing things no matter how you feel will make me happier in the future but what if I die tomorrow?

ahh I need advice from someone like Dalai Lama


Had a fun night out yesterday and that resulted in waking up feeling not so great... and ofc everything fun happens at the same time, got invited to easter poolpartys, palmsprings etc and I feel way too shitty to even do anything! its soo typical. I need to get rid of this terrible hangover NOW!!!!!

 Pics from 2 nights ago

YAh Im wearing a plastic bag. I totally belted it.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Around midnight, what is that blue planet?

around 1am

almost 2am

Idk why everyone got so emotional during the blood moon... I gathered some blankes and a yoga mat, drove away and went up to the 12th floor roof on a building.

On top of the roof there was another roof on a little house so I climbed up there and sat/layed and watched for a couple of hours and I felt incredible good. Then at the end (last pic) the moon started to get all white and I got cold so I climbed down and went to Westwood

The next day I woke up feeling calm relaxed and happy while everyone else had "moon hangover" headache and stuff.. Why did I get such positive energy?

Monday, April 14, 2014


Today me N Ricky went to fix up the good ol' Raw organic fresh pressed Juice bar that we manifested. It will be so much fun, were opening up on friday, its in Venice, you should all come by and say hi and try it out! We had people looking in from the window all day, wondering if it was open and some people even tried to get hired. I am really excited to be able to interact, meet and spread love to all

Im so happy to be able to fill my body with all the best superfood and nutrition it needs, happy to have the best companies to sponsor us and also to have our brilliant minds and ideas come to use FINALLY.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Have you heard of James Franco? well ofc. The bizarre thing is that most people today would only talk about the latest !!!!!!!!!!!BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! - Franco hitting on a 17 year old. -.-

its sad how shallow and dumb those people are for not realizing this was a (clever) stunt he pulled to get those people to react = get more publicity for Gia Coppolas upcoming movie based on James book "Palo Alto: Stories" in which he plays the role of a soccer player hitting on a teenage girl.

He did something similar before "Spring Breakers" came out.

he sure knows how to mindfuck the mass :D

Anyway I cannot wait to see the movie

Friday, April 4, 2014


Im finally going to Coachella first weekend this year and Im really excited to finally get to wear the outfits that I have had in mind forever. Here is some inspo:

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Heres more pics from the latest music vid, HAHA. I dont drink regular milk so they had to get one regular n' one Almond milk.. pour it out and put the almond milk in the regular-milk-bottle

Yesterday I met this lil snake!! I want one but I could never feed it muses and rats. So that wont happen.. 

this is only funny if youre swedish or norweigan HAAHA:

Jag holl pa att DO naer jag sag vad orm heter pa norska SLANGE HAHAHAHAA Johanne!!!!!!!! SLANGE ALLTSA! skulle jag haft en orm sa skulle den hetat slange latt!