Thursday, March 20, 2014


Got my car out yesterday and then went shopping at all saints with Todd :) Ill show u what later, god I need someone to take my outfit pics outside like everyday... contact me if your interested

Today a fire alarm check up was done inside the apt and I was sleeping trough the whole thing! Seriously, the alarm went off like 5 times and there were people all over the apt HAHA and I didnt wake up one single time. I did woke up from my phone ringing and it was on vibrate.

Then I went to the gym and worked out my ass, which I dont have anymore since I lost all that weight... I need some ass trainer as well so contact me if youre good at that stuff as well!

Now Im heading to the pool to write some lyrics and scripts. I already wrote a script for a scene this morning. Its hilarious. Its just hard to explain how I want it to look like to the people thats gonna be in it, I know exactly how I want it in my head, wish I could transfer images and clips from brain to brain haha


  1. hahaha "transer images and clips from brain to brain" haha. funny, but wish it was possible too!

  2. Your English grammar is terrible.