Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Im really getting psychic! Lots of stuff happens everyday that is just amazing, small stuff like receiving a text from someone I havent talked to in months just at the exact moment they pop up in my head for some reason, etc..

Some nights I tend to wake up at 6am and having trouble falling asleep again so I take Melatonin and every time I do, I dream the most realistic dream about whatever it is that I know I will be doing the next day. yesterday I was dreaming about me waking up and going to my theraphist and so on... just so real. and In my dream he said for some reason that "next week I wont be able to meet u on tuesdays (like we always, always do) I would have to have you come in on wed or thursday instead"

guess what he said the next day? Those exact words that he said in my dream! I told him about it and and he thought it was amazing too.

maybe its the melatonin that makes u see into the future in your dreams. anyway im not a big fan of Melatonin, it gives me headache because I sleep too deep on it.

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