Friday, March 28, 2014


Im writing my own scripts, I have always felt the urge and willpower to direct and produce clips movies and such (man, I have soo many home made movies of me and my friends starting when I was around 6 and GOD what a bitch I was! Bossing everyone around and I wanted everything to be like I imagined it. BUT at least I just took the damn time to actually DO IT! wtf why arent I doing it now as well????? Im wasting my ideas and talent on this and that kills me inside every damn day.)

 and tonight something incredible happened when I was sleeping!

-- I was in/saw a whole movie in my dreams. a.k.a Now I have a whole movie script! I woke up crying from the very touching end of the movie that I was experienced like I was there in it and at the same time I was watching it, like I was watching myself at a screen in the cinemas. There was scenes so beautiful and incredible that blew my mind.

I immediately wrote down the basic story line, then the details that were the most powerful and touching. Then I broke it down into why? when? where? who? All those things that are very hard to explain. So I hope to one day create this and make it come alive.

I realized that the weird parts were not so weird, its about the future, and they all have very basic meanings. Then there is the small gestures, individuals and meta-fores that I could develop even further.


 These are some shots I took in Malibu 2 days ago. Looking forward to see the rest. I really like some of em. I always have a great fobia of receiving material of myself from a photo/video shoot and sometimes I cant even watch it. But I love being in front of the camera. Its quite common actually

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