Tuesday, March 18, 2014


THANKS OBAMA! Wait! no I mean THANKS JIFFY LUBE!! FOR "FIXING" my car! Hate that place. Hate not having a car, even for just a couple of hours I feel scared and lonely without my babycar :( I will have me n ricky sit in ur seat soon again. WE WILL REUNITE!

Peace. n dont forget, NEVAH eVAH go to jiffy lube. OK?!


  1. Oh dear! I'm so sorry to hear that your car broke down. Are you quite alright? It's really annoying to have your car fixed, only for it to break down on you a few days later. We are always attached to our cars, as it is something that we always need and want. I do hope you get your car fixed, as in really fixed, soon.

    Ron Campbell @ Penn Exxon

  2. That's the worst! I'm sorry that happened to you! The same thing happened to me about two weeks ago, only I ran out of gas. I was too far for anyone to come rescue me! http://www.seminoletow.com/Roadside_Assistance.html