Wednesday, March 26, 2014



Im having a really good day, like bananas good. Bananas on cocaine good.

No but Im just generally happy because I have so much to look forward to this upcoming weeks. Offers keeps falling in my lap.
I always get what I want when I dont try too hard. or at all. (I have some exceptions tho) but those ones I call Bad Manifestation=  I didnt feel/beleive it strong enough to put any effort in it. So I had to work harder and then it became easier to manifest. because imagine how difficult it could be to manifest something totally Outta space crazy good! its not that easy until you get closer.

but u dont really need to get closer. Just see the end result and dont think about how to get there. Just KNOW WHAT YOU WANT and focus on that, keep the negative thoughts or people as far away as possible.
 I wish I could explain better ..
....talking about nothing...
this is me and my mom, yesterday.  when we went to get ice cream or something. And oh Tanja is in tha background.

. then we all went clubbing

(Tanja got all crazy with her purple jacked and shit  HAHAH  :* 

My gangsta grandpa joined in, he loves a good night out in Hollywood
(isnt it great how skinny Ive became, that everyone can just carry me around!:)
Apparently I decided to go all Winehouse hipster with that hideous dress... my eyes hurt just looking at it!

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