Monday, March 31, 2014


Just an update
I keep using the Fysiko serum SEE DAY ONE
and theyre getting better n better 


Photo cred to: Slot6 Photography

Tomorrow I will be having a epic bbq,pool,hottub,gogoParty at my place and it will be great! Soo last minute tho, but thats how all great things start. With a last minute spontanious idea/plan.  just text me if u wanna join ;)


I feel so great right now, after feeling sick the whole day.

I just wanna show you this old school lightening lamp that I got. its cute as fuck.  and oh,
I hope my James Franco book and Nastygal shirt arrives tomorrow!! Feels like ages since I ordered it 

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Yesterday I had a great time filming in venice and culver city with this rockband. There is an epic behind the scenes clip coming up haha

Pouring milk all over me and one of the band members hehee

Friday, March 28, 2014


Im writing my own scripts, I have always felt the urge and willpower to direct and produce clips movies and such (man, I have soo many home made movies of me and my friends starting when I was around 6 and GOD what a bitch I was! Bossing everyone around and I wanted everything to be like I imagined it. BUT at least I just took the damn time to actually DO IT! wtf why arent I doing it now as well????? Im wasting my ideas and talent on this and that kills me inside every damn day.)

 and tonight something incredible happened when I was sleeping!

-- I was in/saw a whole movie in my dreams. a.k.a Now I have a whole movie script! I woke up crying from the very touching end of the movie that I was experienced like I was there in it and at the same time I was watching it, like I was watching myself at a screen in the cinemas. There was scenes so beautiful and incredible that blew my mind.

I immediately wrote down the basic story line, then the details that were the most powerful and touching. Then I broke it down into why? when? where? who? All those things that are very hard to explain. So I hope to one day create this and make it come alive.

I realized that the weird parts were not so weird, its about the future, and they all have very basic meanings. Then there is the small gestures, individuals and meta-fores that I could develop even further.


 These are some shots I took in Malibu 2 days ago. Looking forward to see the rest. I really like some of em. I always have a great fobia of receiving material of myself from a photo/video shoot and sometimes I cant even watch it. But I love being in front of the camera. Its quite common actually

Wednesday, March 26, 2014



Im having a really good day, like bananas good. Bananas on cocaine good.

No but Im just generally happy because I have so much to look forward to this upcoming weeks. Offers keeps falling in my lap.
I always get what I want when I dont try too hard. or at all. (I have some exceptions tho) but those ones I call Bad Manifestation=  I didnt feel/beleive it strong enough to put any effort in it. So I had to work harder and then it became easier to manifest. because imagine how difficult it could be to manifest something totally Outta space crazy good! its not that easy until you get closer.

but u dont really need to get closer. Just see the end result and dont think about how to get there. Just KNOW WHAT YOU WANT and focus on that, keep the negative thoughts or people as far away as possible.
 I wish I could explain better ..
....talking about nothing...
this is me and my mom, yesterday.  when we went to get ice cream or something. And oh Tanja is in tha background.

. then we all went clubbing

(Tanja got all crazy with her purple jacked and shit  HAHAH  :* 

My gangsta grandpa joined in, he loves a good night out in Hollywood
(isnt it great how skinny Ive became, that everyone can just carry me around!:)
Apparently I decided to go all Winehouse hipster with that hideous dress... my eyes hurt just looking at it!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Just figured why Im sick today, I ate a little bit of Chicken at Aroma last night and it must have chocked my stomach since I only eat vegan since a while back. (thats how I lost weight I think)

Im going to get some fruit now and hope that I can get it down without hanging over the toilet afterwards..

Also I ordered this from Nastygal:

Monday, March 24, 2014


I finally clicked home this book that I have been wanting since forever, even before he wrote it! I want it right this second tho...
..Have been laying in bed all day feeling sorry for myself because I have headache and Ive been throwing up all day then I fell asleep and now I feel better again.


I cannot wait til this movie is out!! I LOVE ANGELINA, I got overly excited when I saw the trailer almost got a heart attack
It will be gooooood craack!

My Halloween costume for this year! CHECK.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Whats up with me not being able to sleep until 7am every night?? I feel totally fragile after not getting enough sleep.. I think I will go to the pool and lay out and hopefully fall asleep alittle.

Im so sick and tired of people who are using you. Or actually Im tired of myself for letting them (its actually only one person) do it. I fucking hate it and myself for letting it happen! But not until afterwards when I realize it,.

No more nice Chloe haha.


I dont understand, it doesnt matter how late or how early I wake up nowdays but I can absolutely not sleep for a second IM WIDE AWAKE  
I usually (when I do) fall asleep around 7am.. 
I dont mind it except that its really boring when everyone else is totally passed out. I wish my meetings that I normally have to stress around to during the day could happen during the night instead. 

No traffic or anything. Perfect!  

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Got my car out yesterday and then went shopping at all saints with Todd :) Ill show u what later, god I need someone to take my outfit pics outside like everyday... contact me if your interested

Today a fire alarm check up was done inside the apt and I was sleeping trough the whole thing! Seriously, the alarm went off like 5 times and there were people all over the apt HAHA and I didnt wake up one single time. I did woke up from my phone ringing and it was on vibrate.

Then I went to the gym and worked out my ass, which I dont have anymore since I lost all that weight... I need some ass trainer as well so contact me if youre good at that stuff as well!

Now Im heading to the pool to write some lyrics and scripts. I already wrote a script for a scene this morning. Its hilarious. Its just hard to explain how I want it to look like to the people thats gonna be in it, I know exactly how I want it in my head, wish I could transfer images and clips from brain to brain haha

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I received this eyelash serum today from Fysiko to try out for 16 weeks. My lashes are very short and there are barely any left since I use single lashes almost everyday. So this will be a good treat for them

One thin stroke once a day is enough to see results.

Day 1
where r my lashes?!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


THANKS OBAMA! Wait! no I mean THANKS JIFFY LUBE!! FOR "FIXING" my car! Hate that place. Hate not having a car, even for just a couple of hours I feel scared and lonely without my babycar :( I will have me n ricky sit in ur seat soon again. WE WILL REUNITE!

Peace. n dont forget, NEVAH eVAH go to jiffy lube. OK?!