Saturday, February 15, 2014


I want to go to a a deserted island in bora bora, fiji or something like that and just live for half a year, No makeup No stress and let my hair grow out so I dont need to wear extensions anymore, get freckles, drink cold pressed juices, drink coconut water from a coconut, cleanse my body, Meditate and just live in the peaceful moment of bliss.

then return to this life Im living now, hate to call it reality but its close. In my world reality is something that I DO NOT want to be a part of. Thank god I have a small group of people that think and act the same.

Fuck stress, fuck anxiety, fuck "being realistic" everytime I feel down, disappointment or stress I just Think of the infinite universe which we are all a part of.... Then I think about, how much does that thing, person, job, bad experience etc etc REALLY MEAN?

the answer is nothing. It cant affect you at all if you think BIGGER 

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