Monday, December 16, 2013


Is actually ALCOHOL. Its so bad for you, it goes in and circulates through your entire body, where it crosses the barrier to get to your brain cells, and impacts countless other organs. It goes all the way to affecting your bones. Another bad thing is that it stays in your system for a long time and the withdrawal symptoms of going cold turkey for a long term heavy drinker, is really bad and dangerous:

If your brain has adjusted to your heavy drinking habits, it takes time for your brain to adjust back. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms occur in a predictable pattern after your last alcohol drink. Not all symptoms develop in all patients:
  • Tremors (shakes) — These usually begin within 5 to 10 hours after the last alcohol drink and typically peak at 24 to 48 hours. Along with tremors (trembling), you can have a rapid pulse, an increase in blood pressure, rapid breathing, sweating, nausea and womiting, anxiety or a hyper-alert state, irritability, nightmares or vivid dreams, and insomnia.
  • Alcohol hallucinosis — This symptom usually begins within 12 to 24 hours after your last drink, and may last as long as 2 days once it begins. If this happens, you hallucinate (see or feel things that are not real). It is common for people who are withdrawing from alcohol to see multiple small, similar, moving objects. Sometimes the vision is perceived to be crawling insects or falling coins. It is possible for an alcohol withdrawal hallucination to be a very detailed and imaginative vision.
  • Alcohol withdrawal seizures — Seizures may occur 6 to 48 hours after the last drink, and it is common for several seizures to occur over several hours. The risk peaks at 24 hours.
  • Delirium tremens — Delirium tremens commonly begins two to three days after the last alcohol drink, but it may be delayed more than a week. Its peak intensity is usually four to five days after the last drink. This condition causes dangerous shifts in your breathing, your circulation and your temperature control. It can cause your heart to race dangerously or can cause your blood pressure to increase dramatically, and it can cause dangerous degydration.Delirium tremens also can temporarily reduce the amount of blood flow to your brain. Symptoms can include confusion, disorientation, stupor or loss of consciousness, nervous or angry behavior, irrational beliefs, soaking sweats, sleep disturbances and hallucinations.

I have to say that I have been drinking more than I want to admit... lets just say A LOT for a long time non stop. I have never had any problems with drinking before but after going through some heavy stuff like being homeless for 3 weeks then I found alcohol as the only numbing comfort that made it all easier to handle because I didnt want to be aware of my situation. Sometimes I needed it to fall asleep or just relax after a long day.
After my life got great again, I just continued to drink....

Yesterday I wrote my own Contract, promised that I wont drink starting today (monday) I signed it and Its now official for me. If I break it then I cant trust myself

So today is DAY 1 of ALCOHOL-NO MORE!  let the "fun" begin ;) Im shaking like an idiot already and I have a rapid heartbeat  pheww.......

So here u go, another damn personal confession. It feels weird to be so open in a blog that everybody can read and judge but whatever, YOLO! (haha,. I hate that word)

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  1. 100% same like me, just one month later.